Who I am

I am so glad you are here


My name is Sabrina Cruz, I am a small business owner of two separate businesses. The first business is an Auto Detailing business and the second is small business mindset and social media guidance. I am a mom of 4 and love inspiring and motivating people to see and reach their full potential. 

I have won a trail blazer award for leadership in economic growth, been asked to sit on a panel for WEDC (Women’s Enterprise Development Corporation) to help small businesses achieve success using social media platforms.  I have mentored many on discovering their goals, and setting specific guidelines in order to attain their goals.  

Mindset Marekting encompasses all things required to help you succeed in life and in business. I specialize in helping small business owners define their goals, and strategize how you can reach those goals all while holding you accountable and working through difficult times with inspiration, motivation and understanding.  

Being a small business owner we are constantly pulled in different directions and as disciplined as we try to be we often lose focus or lose our balance while trying to juggle so many different things. 



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